Vandoren SR223 Tenor Reeds

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Talk to any clarinet or sax player, and odds are at some point in their career, they or one of their colleagues relied on Vandoren reeds for every performance. Vandoren Traditional Soprano Saxophone Reeds are found in instrument cases everywhere, with over 100 years of high-quality construction solidifying their place as a superior mass-produced woodwind reed. Vandoren Traditional reeds deliver the purest tone possible thanks to their exceedingly thin tip, which maximizes vibrations, along with a dense vertebral column. The result? A crystal-clear sound that's slightly darker and fuller than comparable reeds. And with their wide selection of strengths and package quantities, Vandoren reeds are catered to students and professionals alike.

PHP 460.00

Humidity is a strong contributor to the performance of a reed. This is why, at Vandoren, reeds are manufacture in a humidity controlled environment. Furthermore, to preserve their optimum quality, they should be kept at a humidity level between 45% and 70%. Thanks to the Flow-Pack, our new individual factory fresh packaging, these reeds are as fresh as if picked up from out factory in the south of France.
Manufactured in a Humidity Controlled Environment
Individually Packaged in ""Flowpack"" to Maintain Freshness

Instrument: Tenor Saxophone
Strength: 3.0
Cut: Filed
Material: Cane
Additional Features: Thinner Tip, Thinner Heart
Manufacturer Part Number: SR223

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