Cherub WMT-250 Metronome/Tuner

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This affordable strum tuner quickly and accurately detects the tuning of all 6 strings with a single strum!

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Featuring a bright back-lit colour LCD Display, it can also be used in individual string tuning mode. No more dead batteries - the Cherub WST-930 has a built in rechargeable lithium battery! Try and find a tuner that offers all these features at this price.


Polyphonic strum tuner
Able to be used in polyphonic strum mode or individual string tuning mode
Super bright back-lit colour LCD Display that is extremely easy to read
Chromatic, drop D and B flat tuning mode
Tuning range: A0 (27.5 Hz) to C8 (4186 Hz)
A4 range: 440 Hz
Piezo sensor for accurate tuning
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery Comes with USB cable for easy charging

Cherub WMT-250 Metronome Tuner for Chromatic/Guitar/Bass/Violin/Ukulele with Auto Tuning Method & Electronic Metronome Sound

Tuning range: A0(27.5Hz)~C8(4186Hz)
Tuning mode: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele
Tuning precision: ±1 cent
A4 range: 430~450Hz
Detection Method: Mic, Line-in
Display mode: LCD display
Tuning method: Auto
Tempo range:30~250 bpm
Beat :0~6
Tempo precision:±0.3%
Metronome sound: Electronic sound

Tone Generator

Reference tone range: 2A~6A
Reference tone precision: ±0.5 cent

Recording Function

Recording Time: 13 hours
Recording Quality: 16bit/44.1kHz
Channel: Mono
Recording Format: WAV
Playback Format: WAV, Mp3

SNR: 75dB
Polar Pattern: Uni-Directional
Transmission Interface: USB
Battery: Lithium battery
Charging method: Hand power generation, USB
Storage Capacity: 4G

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