SKB 1SKB-R906U20 6 SP Roto Mold Shackrack

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The SKB R906U20 6U Roto Shock Rack feature a 20 inch deep rack frame installed in a roto molded tough shell with an integrally molded valance that eliminates the metal valance on the outside of the case, coupled with a rubber gasket on both the front and rear doors for water resistant protection.

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The integrated molded valance, ergonomic handles, and recessed, heavy-duty twist latches allow these cases to meet most ATA and military specifications.

This SKB-R906U20 Roto Shock Rack case has the Roto X pattern and is stackable within the series.
Standard 19 inch rack width as per EIA standards with 6 space rack height
Meets most ATA and Military specifications
Water resistant case
Internal frame mounted on adjustable Elastomer shock absorbers on all eight corners
Mounting hardware in the racks is easy with the SKB rack rail and provided hardware
70.49 x 69.85 x 49.53cm
19.05 kg

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