D'Addario ECG26 Flatwound Chrome Steel Medium Guitar Strings (13-56)

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ECG26 is D'Addario's heaviest gauge of flat wounds. This set delivers smooth feel, warm/mellow tone and maximum tension. XL Chromes are noted for their smooth feel and warm, mellow tone, essential to the sound and style of many jazz, blues, and rock players.

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D'Addario XL Chromes are the industry standard in flatwound guitar strings. They deliver a round, full low end, making them ideal for jazz players of all types.

Wound with flattened stainless steel ribbon wire, XL Chromes are then polished to unparalleled smoothness.

No. of Strings: 6-String Set
Gauge Range: 13 - 56
Gauges: 13 , 17 , 26w , 35 , 45 , 56 . (Wound 3rd)
Wrap Material: Stainless Steel
Construction: Flat Wound
Hex Core / Round Core Hex Core
Ball End / Double Ball End Ball End
Coated / Non-Coated Non-Coated

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