Dunlop DBN45130 Nickel Wound Bass Guitar String Set (45/100)

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Gauges: 45, 65, 80, 100 Bass - Nickel - Long Scale - 4-String Set .These nickel wound bass strings provide a warm, solid fundamental with rich harmonics and a punchy midrange.

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Bass players demand consistency, durability, and versatility from their strings. Dunlop delivers. Dunlop Bass Strings offer traditionalists, slappers, and pick-wielding rockers cutting midrange, wide bottom end, and a growl that will cut through any band. Carefully selected core-to-wrap ratios yield low tension strings with an extremely long life, and minimal break-in time. Each set is exceptionally well balanced string-to-string, and provides an amazing amount of dynamic range.


Warm tone
Strong fundamental
Smooth feel
Gauges: 45 - 65 - 85 - 105 - 130
Bass - Nickel - Long Scale - 5-String Set
Dimension Packaging Weight: 0.5 kg

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