Remo Powermax 24 inch Ebony Crimplock Marching Bass Drum Head (PM-1424-MP)

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The Powermax Ebony Crimplock Bass Drumhead from Remo provides marching band performers with a responsive, stable head with loads of focused attack and great tone. The Powermax is constructed with a 1-ply, 10-mil ebony film and internal inlay ring.

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A free-floating muffling ring with a Bottom Black Dot enhances attack and optimizes tone control. And the high-tension Crimplock hoop provides a wider tuning range and increased stability — features that any marching performer will love.

Batter/Resonant: Batter
Size: 24"
Material: Ebony Film
Clear/Coated: Coated
Thickness: 10-mil, 1-ply

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