Vic Firth VICTAPE Drummers Stick Tape

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Vic Firth


The Vic Firth VICTAPE Drummers Stick Tape is ultra-thin and absorbent. Victape reduces slippage and provides a comfortable feel. This tape is so durable it's reusable! Each pack will tape 1 pair sticks. Hang on to those sticks!

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Any drummer who has seen a stick fly out of their hand during a performance knows the importance of a reliable stick grip. VicTape is designed to be wrapped around your favorite sticks to reduce slippage when playing. Despite being ultra-thin, the material helps absorb sweat and is durable enough for multiple uses. In addition to improving control of your sticks, VicTape also has a velvet-like texture for an incredibly comfortable feel.

Drum stick grip tape
Enough tape for one pair of sticks
Reduces slippage
Provides a comfortable feel

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