Gibraltar SC-1408BSD 14-Inch 8-Lug Die Cast Batter Side Hoop

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Does your snare need a tonal makeover? Gibraltar's batter-side die-cast snare hoop unlocks new possibilities from your tired old drum. The SC-1408BSD is heavier than most flanged hoops, resulting in a louder and drier tone overall. You'll enjoy more cutting rimshots, cross-sticks, and 8th-note patterns played on the rim. The Gibraltar SC-1408BSD fits standard 14 inch snare drums with eight lugs.

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A tonal makeover for your snare drum
Crisper, more cutting tone than a triple-flanged hoop
Heavy weight dries out overtones — great for modern recording productions
Enhanced rimshots and cross-sticks really cut through a mix
Fits 8-lug, 14 inch snare drums
Snare-side hoop not included; sold separately

These batter-side heavy-duty chrome drum hoops provide consistent shape, tension, and clearer sound to your snare. Hoops for the bottom side of your snare.

14 inch 8 Lug Batter Hoop DCAST
37.6 x 39.4 x 3.6 cm
0.91 kg

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