Vic Firth American Concept FS5B Freestyle Drumsticks

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Vic Firth

Drumsticks & Mallets

The Vic Firth FS5B Freestyle stick for the 5B player. Inspired by the sport of Freestyle longboarding, the Freestyle series of sticks is all about effortless flow, creativity and style. Exaggerated tapers on extra long sticks more than doubles the area where a drummer can place their fulcrum, opening up creative possibilities and unlocking the ultimate expressive drumming experience.

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The Vic Firth American Concept Series of drum sticks is designed to be extra-long with long tapers, allowing more flexibility and a fast rebound. These sticks have the features of a typical pair 5Bs, but you'll find these feel more responsive and a little bit faster overall.

Strong, Durable Hickory
Long Tapers
Acorn/Oval Bead Hybrid
Length: 17"
Diameter: 0.600"

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