Vic Firth 5APG American Classic Pure Grit 5A Drum Sticks

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Vic Firth

Drumsticks & Mallets

Uncoated Sticks for Sweaty Hands

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Vic Firth PureGrit drumsticks feature a lacquer-free finish that adds grip to wet and sweaty hands. The natural grittiness of the raw hickory adds texture to the stick shaft, improving fulcrum, speed, and power. Besides that, they're American Classics throughout, crafted from select hickory and treated to tonally balanced teardrop tips and perfectly weighted medium tapers.

Type: Sticks
Material: Hickory
Size: 5A Puregrit
Model: American Classic
Tip Material: Wood
Length: 16"
Diameter: .565"
Manufacturer Part Number: 5APG

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