Zildjian Maple Green Dip 5A Drum Sticks - Z5AMDG

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Zildjian Maple sticks are a lighter-weight option from hickory, and offer both greater sensitivity and control for playing. Supplement your stick with a maple version to give your playing a new, yet very familiar treatment.

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Our Maple DIP models are treated with a double coating of our exclusive DIP grip. This provides a desirable backweighting to the stick that is particularly noticeable in the lightweight maple models. If you are looking for a stick that gives you the maximum grip to relax your hands and still be light enough to fly, Maple DIPs are for you.

New 5A profile for improved balance, response and durability
Lightweight alternative to Hickory wood
Proprietary dip coating provides better grip/feel
Natural finish
Length: 16", dia: .560"

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