Hosa DIB443 Sidekick Passive Direct Box

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The DIB-443 SIDEKICK from Hosa is a passive direct injection transformer that changes guitar or bass signal to a low-impedance signal appropriate for sending down the snake to the house (or studio) mixing console's XLR inputs.

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An INST/SPKR switch, when placed in the SPKR position allows an amplifier's extension speaker output to drive the line, thus preserving the original amp sound. A Ground Lift switch breaks ground to help trouble-shoot and terminate 60Hz "ground-loop" hum. Since the DIB-443 is a passive device, no powering is required.

DIB-443 is a passive device, no powering is required
Allows for connecting a electric guitar or bass directly into a mixer without losing tone due to impedance mismatch, long cables or cycle hum
Converts any unbalanced line-level signal to balanced mic-level output
Ground lift switch prevents ground-loop hum
Ultra-compact, all-metal and road suitable housing

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