Hercules KS400B Z-Style Keyboard Stand

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The HERCULES Z-Style Keyboard Stand KS400B has a built-in Auto Lock system for easy height adjustment and has a one-piece compact folding design. The Hercules KS-400B Z-Stand Keyboard Stand is sturdy and strong enough for any kind of gig or life on the road.

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The Hercules KS-400B Z-Stand Keyboard Stand has a built-in AutoLock System which allows you to set the desired height by simply raising the arms with height parameters of 23.8 inch-36.6 inch, and you can also adjust the width from 20 inch-33.5 inch. Cleverly placed fluorescent marks on the KS-400B allows you to adjust both arms evenly, even on a dark stage! The Hercules KS-400B Z-Stand Keyboard Stand has locking pins for a secure and stable setup and adjustable rubber feet for fine tuning and leveling. The Hercules KS-400B Z-Stand Keyboard Stand is constructed to be a single unit so that there are no parts to keep track of or lose.

Height: 23.8 inch-36.6 inch
Width: 20 inch-33.5 inch
Weight: 17.6 lbs.
Load capacity: 286 lbs.
Folded size: 30 inch x 21 inch

One-piece design folds up compactly
Locking pins for quick and secure set ups
Adjustable rubber foot for fine tuning and leveling

Auto Lock System with Auto Lock Lever adjusts height setting easily and is safe and secure.
Locking Pins and adjustable moving arms for easy set up and tear down.
The Adjustable Rubber Foot fine tunes height and levels the KS400B for maximum stability.

61 x 71 x 18 cm

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