Evans UNO 10 inch Tom Drum Head (UTT10G2)

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This double film skin – 7 mil (0.18mm) thick each film – has outstanding consistency and durability. With the transparent UNO Genera G2 the suspended tones gain well-defined harmonics and the muted ones, full-bodied bass. With the possibility of high or low tuning to suit a variety of styles, the transparent UNO Genera G2 responds to a focused range and a sharp attack. When used in response, the clear UNO Genera G2 adds focus to any drum, especially the blunt ones, which help larger drums project themselves. UNO skins are pleated in a high-quality ring.

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The G2 UTT10G2 is a 10 inch skin manufactured by Uno from the Genera G2 series. One of the main characteristics of this series are the durability and consistency that are obtained through the 7 mil 0.18mm thick films. This series is very versatile as it accepts several types of tuning and can even be used as a response, helping larger drums project in. The UNO heads are pleated in a high quality ring.

UTT10G2 Features:

  • Suddenly.
  • Two layers of 7 thousand film.
  • Super resistant.
  • Transparent finish.
  • Diameter: 10 inches.
  • Made in China.

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