Evans Hybrid 14 inch Marching Snare Batter Drum Head Grey (SB14MHG)

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Evans USA enters the marching percussion market with its Hybrid series of marching snare heads. Unlike most marching snare batters, the Evans Hybrid is comprised of two unique high-tensile fibers — one for flexibility, the other for durability — to unlock greater sensitivity and long-lasting great tone from your existing snare. Like other Evans heads, the Hybrid snare head features Evans' exclusive Level 360 collar technology, which helps heads seat properly, even under run-and-gun marching conditions, and offers contact across the playing surface for improved intonation.

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By utilizing two unique high-tensile fibers, one chosen for flexibility and the other for durability, the Hybrid marching snare batter achieves a much softer feel, greater sensitivity, and a broader dynamic range while enhancing projection and durability. The grey version produces a slightly softer feel and warmer sound quality.

14 inch Hybrid Marching Snare head made using two unique high-tensile fibers
Produces that sought after drum corps sound without sacrificing the harshness in the players hands
Flexible and Durable achieves a much softer feel with greater sensitivity and a broad dynamic range
Projects in the largest of stadiums while controlled in the indoor environment
All Evans drum heads are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA

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