Audix AP41HT7BG Headset Wireless System with HT7 Omni Condenser Mic

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A professional diversity wireless system featuring the HT7 single ear miniaturized headworn condenser microphone.

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The HT7 is a professional single ear headworn condenser microphone designed for stage, presentation and broadcast applications. With a miniaturized element of only 3mm, the HT7 is the smallest microphone in the Audix line up. The omnidirectional HT7 features a comfortable ear piece that can be worn around the left or right ear and a durable adjustable length boom arm.

R41 Diversity Receiver
32 MHz Wide spectrum receiver
106 Pre-coordinated frequencies for quick, easy and reliable set up
One-touch auto scan searches for clear channel
One-touch sync links transmitter to receiver via infrared beam
B60 Bodypack Transmitter
64 MHz Wide spectrum transmitter
Durable metal housing
14 Hour run time - AA batteries
HT7 Headworn Condenser Microphone
Hands free, headworn vocal microphone

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