Audio-Technica ATR6550 Condenser Shotgun Microphone

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Crisp & intelligible pickup;far away or up close. In its Tele range setting, this cardioid condenser is engineered to pick up dialogue and sound effects at a distance, while bypassing ambient noise such as traffic, air-handling systems, room reverberation and mechanically coupled vibrations

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Designed especially for use with video cameras.
For best results, position mic as close to sound source as possible. Beyond three or four feet, the audio may start to sound distant. Also, try to aim the mic at the sound source, as sound from the side or rear will not be picked up well. Still, some side or rear sound may be recorded; keep this in mind, especially if mounting mic to a camera, since some camera operation noise may be captured.

Winner of numerous industry awards, Audio-Technica manufactures products that set quality, durability and price/performance standards for live sound tours, broadcast and recording studios, corporate and government facilities, house-of-worship venues, and more. Audio-Technica microphones are chosen for critical government installations and are also selected for major broadcast music events, including the Grammy Awards and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies.

2-range settings: normal and tele
3.5mm connector plugs into video camera
Designed especially for use with video cameras
Frequency response: 70 Hz-18,000 Hz
Impedance: Normal 1000 ohm +/- 30% and tele 2200 ohm +/- 30%
Please refer to the User Manual before use.

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