Nady Handheld Wireless Microphone System DKW-8U HT/CH16

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The Nady DKW-8U Wireless Microphone System delivers a low-cost, yet stable UHF wireless microphone solution for small venues, restaurants, bars, presentations, DJs, houses-of-worship and more. The DKW-8U operates on a single channel UHF frequency and avoids the crowded, VHF occupied airspace.

PHP 3,900.00

The Nady Systems DKW-8U single channel UHF Wireless Microphone is the perfect entry level professional wireless. It delivers clear, transparent audio for a variety of singing/speech/instrument applications.  Unprecedented value in a single-channel UHF wireless system.

"Brand: Nady System
Model: DKW-8U HT
Frequency Response: 50 Hz €“ 16 KHz
RF Carrier: UHF
Operating Range: Up to 150 feet (45.72 m)
Microphone Battery: 8-10 hours (AA Alkaline)
Microphone Controls: On/Off/Mute

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