Laney GS412VR 240 Watts Premium Guitar Cabinet

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Guitar Amplifiers

The GS412VR is a Celestion Vintage 30 loaded 4 x 12 closed back cabinet. Mono or Stereo operation and fitted with castors as standard. The unique interaction between a tube amplifier and its loudspeaker is how tone comes to life. Laney has selected the infamous Celestion Vintage 30 to load into its top-of-the-line cabinet range.

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Four Celestion Vintage 30s deliver complex overtones, low-end warmth, rich mid-range and beautifully detailed top-end. The GS412VR is built from quality plywood with lightweight yet rugged construction. 4 heavy duty castors are installed to roll it out smoothly at the end of the night The GS412VR features mono or stereo connection options handling 240 watts in mono mode or 2 x 120 watts in stereo. The GS412VR comes with slip cover included to protect your cabinet for years to come.

Made from high-quality plywood construction
It has side mounting grab handles adds convenience in transportation
Slipcover is included for protection
Features Celestion Vintage 30 driver
Beautifully detailed top-end
Deliver the low-end warmth, complex overtones, and rich mid-range

Brand: Laney
Model: GS412VR
Power RMS: 240 watts
Stereo and Mono switch: Yes
Dimensions: 826mm X 755mm X 358mm
Weight: 42.50 Kg

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