KLOTZ MY204SW Microphone Cable (100m)

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The Klotz MY204 cable with its small outer diameter is ideally suited for use as a Bantam (TT phone) patch cable, midi cable or stable microphone cable.

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KLOTZ MY204SW is a high quality balanced microphone cable supplied in a bay. Has a conductor cross-section of 2 x 0.22 mm². Used for unsoldering balanced microphone cables or interconnect cables. Outer cable diameter 4.6 mm, copper shielding, black color.

Cable type: microphone
Peculiarity: balanced
Shielding: copper 28 x 0.1 mm
Conductor cross-section: 2 x 0.22 mm²
Conductor capacity: 75 pF / m
Screen capacity: 130 pF / m
Conductor resistance: <85 Ohm / km
Screen Resistance: > 100 MΩ / km
Working temperature: -20 ° / + 70 °
Diameter: 4.6 mm
Colour: black

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