Cherub WRW-206 Drum Trainer

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The Cherub WRW-206 Drum Trainer has an easy to operate user-friendly interface. Features like a mixing function that allows for the creation of original rhythm styles and loop play for rhythm styles make this drum trainer a great companion for all players.

PHP 4,400.00

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This is not only a Metronome,it is a drum machine too, you can select the drum loop you like to make your music, and each channel level of th the drum can be adjust,so it is very useful for you!

Material: PVC plastics
Memory: 1-50 groups
Tempo Range: 30-250bmp

Real drums sound (a total of five kinds, namely, kick drum, snare drum, cracking step, two anti-sound the whole song editing.
In a total of 50 kinds of rhythm types, the user can design their own playing in real-time and control each drum sound volume.
The rhythm type (default 30) the user can edit the 20 group (the user can edit the 20 custom sections).
Loop play function, allows you to set your own rhythm styles and to play them for a specified number.

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