Zoom G3XN Multi-effects Processor with Expression Pedal

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If you're a guitarist, you know how important it is to have the freedom and flexibility to create your own sound. The Zoom G3Xn Multi-Effects Processor removes any barriers in your way.

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The G3Xn is a genre-defying multi-effects processor that gives you the versatility you need to experiment with new sounds and playing styles. Its built-in expression pedal, 80 second Looper, faithful amp and cabinet emulators, and extensive selection of effects and patches make it an essential addition to any pedalboard. With the G3Xn, breaking boundaries and achieving great sound has never been easier.


70 onboard high-quality digital effects (68 effects, 1 looper pedal, and 1 rhythm pedal), including distortion, overdrive, EQ, compression, delay, reverb, flanging, phasing, and chorusing
5 amp emulators, 5 cabinet emulators, and 75 custom-designed factory patches
Use up to 7 effects/amps/cabinets simultaneously, chained together in any order
Stereo/mono looper allows recording of up to 80 seconds of phrase recording
Built-in expression pedal

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