Dunlop UV1 Univibe Effect Pedal

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Featuring an iconic chassis, dual-stomp design for chorus/vibrato modes and effect/bypass, and circuitry designed to emulate the full, classic swell of its namesake effect, the Dunlop Uni-Vibe UV-1 Chorus/Vibrato takes a classic effect and provides modern updates for today's player.

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The Dunlop Uni-Vibe incorporates the original Uni-Vibe circuit design utilizing hand matched photoresistors, a long-life incandescent lamp, and custom engineered light housing to insure the sonic integrity of the unit. The durable brushed stainless steel housing is designed to protect the control knobs against accidental bumping during play. Features include silent switching with hi-reliability hardware, providing low noise and extended life, and high quality jacks to ensure solid connections. This adds up to classic sound and reliability. With the Uni-Vibe's renowned chorus and vibrato modes you'll find yourself playing a lot of new things from sheer inspiration. The Chorus sound is thick, phasey, and a lot like a rotating speaker while the Vibrato sound bends the pitch up and down, giving a cool quivering texture to your sound. In either mode, the speed, volume, and intensity knobs let you twist and turn your sound into a new dimension. More than 25000 guitar effects pedals from 4000 brands:

Product Specs:

Brand: Dunlop
Model: UV-1 Uni-Vibe Chorus / Vibrato
Finish: Chrome
Year: 1998 - 2013
Made In United States
Categories: Chorus and Vibrato
Pedal Format: Standard

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