Orange Crush-12 Guitar Combo Amplifier 12 watts (Orange)

SKU: E-1-937



Orange Crush 12 guitar combo amplifier will satisfy your craving for highly-responsive overdrive and mind-blowing levels of detailed saturation

PHP 6,900.00

Orange CRUSH-12 12WTS GUITAR AMPLIFIER . Paying homage to the Rockerverb's Dirty channel; albeit in a solid state form, the Crush 12 provides you with gigantic, wide-ranging tones that will take you back in time to the days of no-nonsense, old school guitar amplifiers. On top of that, you get Orange's innovative CabSim circuit, that faithfully emulates the sound of an Orange 4x12" cabinet, through the Crush 12's headphone/line output. The Orange Crush 12 guitar combo amplifier raises the bar for practice amps.

6" speaker
Dual gain controls
3-band EQ
Master volume
Headphone out

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