Alto APX1500 1500-watts Power Amp

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The APX1500 brings dependable, continuous, clean stereo power to any live performance. If you are a sound contractor, gigging musician or live sound engineer in need of a strong amp that provides consistently clean power, the APX1500 is perfect.

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The APX1500 provides 2 x 350 at 8ohms, or 2 x 550 at 4 ohms. In bridged mono mode, the APX1500 pumps out 1500 crystal-clear watts of power. Because it is class D, you get all the purity reliability of a professional amp without breaking your back just to lift it. Weighing in at only 12.1 lbs., the APX1500 goes into venues with amazing ease and convenience whether used in a permanent installation or portable application.

Things can sometimes move at light speed on the stage. Connecting an amp should never slow you down. Balanced, combo XLR inputs, "Touch-proof" binding posts and speak-on jacks make connecting the APX1500 a snap at any gig, so you never lose precious time getting things going. Once installed, the APX 1500's level and clip indicators are designed to keep you informed of performance levels at a glance.The APX1500 amplifier supplies massive power with plenty of headroom to drive any passive speaker.

The APX1500 also contains low-noise cooling fans to prevent overheating and high-current toroidal transformers for the lowest possible noise floor.

Experience the APX1500 for yourself, or check out the APX1000 for installations and gigs with smaller power requirements.

1500 Watts at 8Ω; bridged mono
2 x 550 Watts at 4Ω 2 x 350 Watts at 8Ω
Efficient Class D power
Balanced combo input jacks
Lightweight, two rack-space design
Easy to read LED level and clip indicators
Low pass filter
Low-noise cooling fans

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