Laney IRT120H Ironheart 120 Watts 4x6L6 Tube Head Amplifier

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Forged deep in the Black Country, the Ironheart series continues the legacy begun decades before with amps such as the Laney KLIPP and AOR. Packed full of features, amazing tone and a thoroughly modern and aggressive look, the Ironheart models are extremely versatile modern amplifier.

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Designed and engineered in the Black Country, Great Britain, the 6L6-loaded IRT120H delivers 120 watts of crushing Ironheart tube tones. The IRT120H features a full 3-channel pre-amp with clean, rhythm and lead channels, plus a footswitchable pre boost, all accessed via the FS4 foot switch, which is included. Tone shaping on the rhythm and lead channels is taken care of by independent 3-band EQ on each, with each EQ control having push pull options. The master section on the IRT120H features an overall Dynamics control, which allows you to vary the interaction of the amplifier and your cabinet depending on the volume you are playing at and a high quality digital reverb. The IRT120H also features a watts control, which allows you to get the tone you are after at any wattage level without destroying your tone. Include with that a variable level FX loop, Laneys unique post-power-section, switchable, speaker-emulated D.I., an aux in socket and extension speaker socket and you have everything you need. Finished in a tough black basket weave Tolex, punched metal grille and with a menacing red glow the IRT120H looks as good as it sounds.

120 watts (variable down to <1 watt)
Three channels: Clean, Rhythm, and Lead
Two sets of three-band EQ (Clean/Rhythm and Lead)
Master tone
Dynamics control
Master reverb
Four ECC83 preamp tubes
Four 6L6 power tubes
Includes FS4-IRT footswitch
Two speaker outputs (4, 8, or 16 ohms)
Effects loop

Power RMS: 120 watts RMS
Inputs: 1 x Jack
Channels: 3 - Clean, Rhythm & Lead
Equalisation: Bass, Middle & Treble with Pull-Push EQ shift on each
Master Presence Control: Overall Tone
Boost Switch: Footswitchable Pre Boost
Preamp Valves: 4 x ECC83
Output Valves: 4 x 6L6
Class: Class AB
Reverb: Laney designed Digital reverb
Footswitch: FS4-IRT supplied as standard - switches Channel, Clean, Reverb & Pre Boost
Speaker connections: 2 jack sockets - 4, 8 or 16 Ohms
FX Loop: Yes - variable level FX loop
Weight: 20Kg Unit Weight (24kg) Shipping
Dimensions (W x H x D): 678 x 271 x 288 mm

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