Hiwatt Crunch 150R 150W Combo Amplifier w/ 1x12 inch Speaker and Spring Reverb

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Winner of Guitar and Bass Magazine’s "Gear of the Year Award", the Crunch 150R Combo is a war on two fronts. On one hand, a responsive, crystal-clean pedal platform with the headroom to present anything your put in front of it with clarity and presence. On the other, a medium to high-gain distortion channel voiced in homage to the blistering gain sounds of the 80s and 90s.

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A Rock Solid Hiwatt Amplifier that’s been time tested. Winner of Guitar and Bass Magazine’s "Gear of the Year Award" when it was first introduced, you can’t go wrong with this two channel legend. A very controllable amplifier with lots of options available for the Guitarist to shape the sounds and carve the tones they are searching for. Foot-Switchable Reverb/Channel Selection, a Send and Return Loop and of course the Legendary Hiwatt Clean Channel make the Crunch 150R another grear Pedal Platform choice.

Wattage: 150W
Channels: Clean, Overdrive
Inputs: 1/4" Clean/Overdrive (Channel Selector), 3.5mm AUX Input, Effects Loop Return, 1/4" Channel/Distortion/Reverb Footswitch Input
Outputs: 1/4" Headphone Output, 2 x 1/4" External Speaker Parallel Outputs (Total 4 Ω Load), Effects Loop Send 1/4" Direct Output
Controls: Master Volume; Reverb Level; 3-Band Clean Channel EQ — Treble, Middle, Bass; Clean Channel/Volume; Clean/Overdrive Channel Selector; Overdrive Channel Volume; 3-Band Clean Channel EQ — Treble, Middle, BassGain Flavor Toggle; Overdrive Channel Contour — for Gain 2; Overdrive Channel Gain 2; Overdrive Channel Gain 1.
Built-in True-Spring Reverb.
Built-in Effects Loop.
Compatible with the FS301 Footswitch for hands free channel switching and toggling True-Spring Reverb.
Voltage: 100V or 120V or 220V or 230V or 240V (Based on your region)

Height: 255mm (11")
Width: 630mm (25")
Depth: 275mm (11")
Weight: 15 kg (34 lbs)

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