Laney CUB212R Combo Amplifier

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The Laney CUB212R is an all-tube combo that delivers warm, classic British guitar tones via 2x12 open-back cabinet design. Designed and engineered in the UK, the CUB212R draws on 50 years of Laney amp-building heritage. The CUB212R enlists the same circuitry as Laney's hugely popular CUB12R combo, but with the addition of a second 12 loudspeaker to move more air on stage.

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The CUB212R uniquely offers a choice of input connections to opt for either the full 15 watts RMS power or <1W power. <1W means the player can still drive the amp's power tubes hard whilst playing at a lower volume level - ideal for recording and practice without sacrificing tone. Selecting 15W allows for stage-ready volume levels. In addition to a three-band tone stack with Bass, Middle and Treble controls the CUB212R pre-amplifier also uniquely features a Tone' control at the back end of the signal chain. This provides the ability to not only control the overall top-end response but also reduce upper-end harmonics on the output stage and pre-amplifier overdrive sounds. Independent Gain and Volume control allows preamp drive to be balanced with the output level, progressing from warm cleans to rich overdrives. A rich-sounding reverb adds ambiance to the classic tone from the CUB212R. An FS1-MINI footswitch can also be used to switch reverb remotely. HH have custom-designed the dual 12 drivers exclusively for Laney giving the perfect loudspeaker pairing to the amplifier. Housed in an open-back cabinet these speakers provide a dynamic, responsive interaction with the tube amplifier. An integrated tilt stand on the underside of the cabinet gives another option to enhance projection and offer tonal variation.

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