Laney R500H Richter 500 Watts Bass Head Amp

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Bass Guitar Amplifiers

The Laney R500H is a solid-state head packing an impressive 500W RMS into a very lightweight chassis with a range of bass-friendly controls and variables. Designed and engineered in the UK, the R500H calls on Laneys 50-year history of bass amp building to provide portability, versatility, and reliability to all levels of bass player from rehearsal room to large stage.

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At a mere 4.1kg (9lbs), the R500H is a very light unit, but at 500 watts (real RMS!) it also delivers the power and headroom for serious performances. All for an amazing price, you wont break your back or your bank to obtain powerful bass tone. The R500H lets any bass player own their tone: An on-board Compressor works in sympathy with the Gain control with both On and Active lights to react to playing dynamics and Laneys unique Enhance control dials in increased low-end definition from a single turn. Set between Bass and Treble shelving controls is a powerful 10-band Graphic EQ featuring a wide range from 30Hz to 8KHz. This 10 band EQ can also be switched in remotely using a Laney FS1 or FS1-MINI footswitch. Useful connection options are in the palm of your hand: Normal or High jack inputs can be selected depending on which bass you are using; A balanced XLR DI gives direct, mic-free mixer connection when recording or performing live; An Auxiliary input allows play-along to backing track; A headphone socket offers secluded listening; An FX loop allows connection of external effects. The R500H is fitted with Speakon connectors to the rear panel, giving secure and safe connectivity to your chosen cabinets.Paired with the new Laney R410 and/or R115 speaker cabinets, makes for the perfect rig.

Power: 500W
Single channel
Two inputs: normal, padded
Controls: 10-band graphic EQ, enhance low-end definition, bass and treble shelving, compressor
FX loop
DI output
Tuner output
Aux. input
Headphone output
Neutrik hybrid speakON/jack speaker connector
Dimensions: 2.75" x 16.14" x 7.48" (70 mm x 410 mm x 190 mm)
Weight: 9.04 lb. (4.1 kg)

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