Allen & Heath IP6 Remote Controller

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Allen & Heath



IP6 is a next generation remote controller for dLive, ideal for many install applications and greatly enhancing the systems flexibility in live sound.

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It interfaces with the dLive mixing system via standard TCP/IP Network connections and can be networked with other controllers, computers and third party devices using a standard Ethernet infrastructure.The IP6 controls and functions are programmed using a dLive Surface or dLive Director software for PC/Mac, and can suit a number of applications including:


The IP6 can be configured to control the Send levels, Pans and assignments of multiple channels to a specific mix on the dLive, e.g. for wireless IEM use, giving musicians the freedom to control their own monitor sound.


The installer or system integrator can configure the IP6 to provide the degree of control needed by the day to day operator, for example the levels of microphones and music sources in a room.

Type: Add-on 6 Rotary Encoder Remote
Connection Type: RJ45 Ethernet
Compatibility: dLive Systems
Power: 12V DC power supply / Power over Ethernet
Dimensions: 8.9" x 6" x 2.1

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