Dunlop 45PFT1.0 Fredrik Thordendal Meshuggah Signature Nylon Guitar Picks

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When you play music as heavy as Meshuggah, you need a guitar pick that can keep up.

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That's why Meshuggah's lead guitarist, Fredrik Thordendal tapped Jim Dunlop to craft some of the meanest picks around. Crafted from nylon that is hardened by - as Dunlop says - "space-age material," to ensure it is incredibly rigged. So if you need a pick that attacks your strings as hard as you do, grab the Dunlop Meshuggah Signature Nylon picks today.

Perfect for Fredrik Thordendal’s complex, polyrhythmic compositions

Stiffened Nylon provides extra snappy attack

Aggressive grip for ultimate control

6 picks per pack

Made in the USA

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