D'addario PW-CT-12W NS Micro Headstock Tuner (White)

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The minimalistic design is hard to stand out even when attached to the head, and the full color display makes it easier to see, allowing you to change the angle of the screen in both portrait and landscape orientation, making it more convenient to use.

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Lightweight, compact and discreet, high precision color LCD tuner.

Small chromatic tuner, Micro Head Stock Tuner "PW-CT-12" is a minimalistic design that is hard to stand out even when worn on the head.It features a full-color display that is easy to read and can be changed in both portrait and landscape viewing angles, making it easy to use.

The built-in Piezo transducer allows you to tune well even in environments where other instruments are mixed with sound.

Full color LCD for easy viewing

Equipped with a color LCD display, it is highly visible in various conditions, and can be tuned while still looking at small bodies.

Switch between landscape and portrait viewing angles

Not only can it be displayed horizontally, but also for vertical display.It can also be flipped to display for left-handed viewing, so it can be displayed vertically and horizontally.

Tune in noisy areas

Built-in Piezo transducer allows for precise tuning even in noisy environments where other instruments are hung.

Product Features:

New full color display.

Switch between 4 horizontal and vertical screen viewing angles.

New button configuration

Calibration Width: 410 - 480 Hz

Precision tuning is possible with the new Piezo transducer.

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