Martin & Co. Darco D510 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings Extra Light 10-47

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Martin & Co.



The Darco line of acoustic strings promises quality, tone, and value in every pack. They are designed for the pros and priced for the working musician so every guitar player can afford to change their strings as often as needed to keep their guitar sounding new all the time. If you take away the bells and whistles, the magic coatings, the chrome-plated alloys and all the markups that make strings cost more, what really makes a great guitar string is superb tone, strength, clarity, and reliability. Darco strings deliver all of this and more at an unbeatable value.

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VALUE PACK: Martin Guitar Darco strings offer superior quality, tone, and value in every pack. Designed for professional and working musicians, Darco acoustic strings are meticulously constructed using a tin-plated, steel-core wire and high-quality wrap wire. Now, every guitar player can keep their instrument sounding new.

6-STRING GUITAR: This pack of guitar strings is designed for guitars with 6 strings. Add this set to your touring, performing, studio, or practice gear today so you can get the most out of your instrument.

STRING SOUNDS: This 80/20 bronze acoustic guitar string set delivers a consistent tone and excellent playability—all for a great value. Add this pack of professional-grade strings to your studio or stage gear so you can get the best sound from your instruments.

EXTRA-LIGHT GAUGE: Measuring from a 0.010" high E string to a 0.047" low E string, these are high-quality acoustic guitar strings that brighten the natural tuning of your guitar, including tenor, mid-tones, and bass. They feature a tension of 135.8.

MARTIN STRINGS: With Martin's Darco Acoustic Guitar Strings, you get a total set of strings designed for performance and playability. Martin instruments and accessories remain the choice for musicians around the world for their unrivaled quality, craftsmanship, and tone.

Manufacturer: Darco
Unit: Set
Instrument: Western guitar
Gauge: Extra Light
Material: Bronze
Polished: No
Coated: No
Double Ball-End: No
7-string: No
8-string: No
12-string: No
Wound G-String: No

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