Beyerdynamic TGX60 Hyper-Cardioid Handheld Dynamic Microphone

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Hypercardioid polar pattern High volume before feedback Vocal tailored frequency response Rugged construction to withstand touring damage Basket designed for optimum performance Shock absorbing rubber ring Structure borne noise attenuation

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Rock Out Vocals!

Sure, all the TG-X microphones make fantastic vocal mics, but their ability to withstand high pressure levels means they also make great mics for close mic'ing instruments or speaker cabinets as well as the singer with loud pipes. The key with TG-X? Maximum volume before feedback!

The TG-X60 is a favorite among rock singers. It can be hand held or mounted on a stand its ability to withstand high spund pressure levels makes it suitable for close mic'ing of instruments or speaker cabinets.

TG-X 60 Dynamic Lead Vocal Microphone Specifications:

  • Transducer type: Dynamic
  • Operating principle: Pressure gradient
  • Frequency response (close miking): 40 - 18,000 Hz
  • Frequency response (distant miking): 95 - 16,000 Hz (measured at 1 metre)
  • Polar pattern: Hypercardioid
  • Side attenuation: > 25 dB at 110 degree
  • Open circuit voltage at 1 kHz (0dB = 1V/Pa): 3 mV/Pa ±
  • 1.5 dB _ -50 dBV
  • Magnetic field suspension: > 20 dB at 50 Hz
  • Nominal impedance: 280 Ohms
  • Diaphragm: Macrolon
  • Case/finish: Aluminium, non-glare black mat
  • Connector: 3-pin XLR
  • Length: 20.5 cm
  • Shaft diameter: 5 cm
  • Head diameter: 5 cm

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