Akai Professional LPK25 MK2 USB Laptop Performance Keyboard

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Musicians, producers, DJs, and other music creators looking for a compact keyboard controller for studio production and live performance will be impressed with the Akai Professional LPK25 MK2, a laptop keyboard controller with 25 velocity sensitive keys with a new next-generation dynamic keybed with great playability. This sleek 2-octave MIDI controller makes for easy composing and creating in even the tightest spaces while still delivering an incredibly responsive experience. The LPK25 includes MPC Beats, a revolutionary DAW software based on the legendary MPC hardware. The software includes MPC plug-in instruments, insert effects, and expansion packs with tons of samples and drum hits.

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A Real Controller for Real Creation

LPK25 features the revolutionary Gen 2 Dynamic keybed which premiered on the legendary MPK mini mk3 MIDI controller. The keys offer an exquisite playing experience with careful attention to velocity response. Whether you're playing a gentle upright piano, a super synthesizer plug-in, or triggering notation into your favorite composition software, LPK25 becomes a natural extension of your creativity, ensuring you won't miss a beat.

Built-In Clock and Arpeggiator

The onboard arpeggiator and clock make for powerful control of any destination, whether software instrument, hardware device, or USB enabled modular gear, all via a single USB cable.

Compact Production Partner

When not in use, LPK25 stores away quickly and neatly until your next creative session. Pack it in your everyday carry bag and keep it handy for use with your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

MPC Beats

MPC Beats is the revolutionary DAW software based on the legendary MPC hardware. Discover the power to sample, chop, edit, record, mix, and master complete songs and records right from your computer.

MPC Plug-In Instruments

Innovative sampling and efficient sequencing are only a part of the iconic MPC experience. MPC Beats also features a great selection of ground-breaking MPC plug-in instruments. Discover Tubesynth, Bassline, and Electric plug-in instruments for a wide range of synth sounds, monophonic leads and basses, as well as pads, electric keyboard sounds, and much more, for rich musical productions and arrangements.

Insert Effects

MPC Beats includes a premium collection of world-class mixing and mastering plug-ins. Powerful insert effects like Half Speed, Mother Ducker, and AIR Talk Box add instant vibe and character to your tracks to quickly achieve modern sound and feel. Process audio, dial-up creative effects, and finalize your tracks to commercially ready songs for sharing anywhere.

Key Features:

25-Key Dynamic Keybed with Velocity

Built-In Arpeggiator

Internal/External Clock Sync Control

Sturdy, Standard-Size USB Port

Sustain and Tap Tempo Buttons

MPC Beats Music Production Software

Includes Tons of Drum Samples & Plug-Ins

Akai Professional LPK25MK2 Product Specifications:

Keyboard 25 keys, velocity-sensitive

10-octave range (127 MIDI notes)

Arpeggiator Range: 1–4 octaves

Modes: Up, Down, Exclusive, Inclusive, Order, Random, or Latching

Time Divisions: 1/4-note, 1/4-note triplet, 1/8-note, 1/8-note triplet, 1/16-note, 1/16-note triplet, 1/32-note, or 1/32-note triplet

Tempo: 30–240 BPM via Tap Tempo button (internal sync). Based on software tempo (external sync)

Swing: 50%, 55%, 59%, 61%, or 64%

Programs 8 stored programs, configurable via free downloadable editor software

Connections (1) USB port

Power Via USB

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