Allen & Heath AHM-64 64 x 64 Audio Matrix Processor

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The most powerful matrix processor in the range, AHM-64 can scale to large campus installations with up to 64 zones, 96 controllers and hundreds of system I/O.

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AEC Modules for AHM-64 & AHM-32

The Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) modules for AHM-64 & AHM-32 provide 12 channels of AEC and are designed for teleconferencing and videoconferencing applications.

The AEC processors are assigned using channel inserts in the AHM. One insert sits in the far-end Input channel, and the other in the near-end Input channel. A Sound Reinforcement output is also provided for cases where local voice reinforcement is required.


  • 64x64 processing matrix
  • 12x12 local analogue I/O
  • I/O Port for audio networking, up to 128x128
  • Dante 96kHz 64x64 optional card (AES67 and DDM ready)
  • 128x128 built-in SLink port for audio expansion
  • 64 configurable processing outputs – mono / stereo zones or speaker processing
  • 96kHz FPGA core with ultra-low latency
  • Compatible with IP1, IP6, IP8 remote controllers
  • 2x2 local GPIO plus networkable GPIO interface
  • TCP/IP protocol for third party integration
  • Crestron, AMX and Extron drivers
  • DC backup power supply
  • Mac / Windows System Manager software
  • Custom Control app and editor for BYOD
  • 32 user profiles
  • Integrated stereo playback
  • Event scheduler


  • AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancelling) module for AHM-64 & AHM-32
  • 12 channels of AEC
  • 150ms FIR Adaptive Filter
  • Far-end AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
  • Residual echo NLP (non-linear processing)
  • Background noise reduction
  • Near-end gating
  • Speech-shaped comfort noise

A&E Specifications

The module shall be compatible with AHM-64 audio matrix processors and offer 12 channels of Acoustic Echo Cancelling for teleconferencing or videoconferencing applications.
Each channel of AEC shall provide an FIR Adaptive Filter, continually updated to match the room impulse response. An option shall be provided to automatically adjust the farend gain to maintain a consistent level from the remote caller.

Additional processing shall be provided to attenuate any residual echo, and reduce the primary echo while the adaptive filter converges.
Optional near-end background noise reduction shall be provided, as well as an optional gate to reduce the level of residual echo in case of far-end only talk activity.
Comfort noise shall be added so that the remote caller does not hear total silence. This noise shall be shaped to give a natural, unoffensive sound.

The module shall be the Allen & Heath M-AHM-64-A.

48.3 x 36.3 x 9.1

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