Denon DJ Prime 4+ Standalone 4-Deck DJ Controller

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The world’s most powerful, advanced standalone DJ system is now better than ever with a new refined look, unrivaled streaming music accessibility, new dynamic FX options, 10% larger jog wheel surface, and the ever-expanding performance features of Engine DJ including the industry’s first standalone Stem separation.

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The world’s most powerful, advanced standalone DJ system is now better than ever with a new refined look, unrivaled streaming music accessibility, new dynamic FX options, 10% larger jog wheel surface, and the ever-expanding performance features of Engine DJ including the industry’s first standalone Stem separation.

Handle any Request

Confidently approach any event or gig knowing that you are 100% prepared to tackle any guest request. With support for more music streaming partners than anyone else on the market, including Amazon Music Unlimited, the PRIME 4+ allows instant access to over 100-million tracks across all genres.

Expanded Dynamic FX Suite

The PRIME 4+ boasts over 25 fully customizable Main FX and 4 dynamic, knob-controlled Sweep FX so that you can unleash your full creative mixing potential. The expressive Touch FX mode transforms the 10.1” touchscreen into an XY controller that puts live FX manipulation literally at your fingertips!

Frequent Feature-Packed Updates

The PRIME 4 + runs on Engine DJ, an ever-evolving DJ operating system that has a proven track record of making key features available to DJs first. With easy, Over The Air updates using Wi-Fi, you are automatically notified on your device when an update is available, continually keeping you on the cutting edge of DJ performance technology.

Unparalleled Integrated Lighting Control

With the on-board power of Engine Lighting, you have full access to customized or automatic light shows for saved or streaming tracks. Plus, you’ll have full control over color, dimming, chase sequence, moving head position, strobe, blackout, and even on/off control over cold spark fountains, dry ice machines, and haze or fog.

Standalone Embedded Sampler

Load samples or full tracks to one of 8 sample slots and trigger with the dedicated Sampler pad mode. Adjust the main Sampler volume on screen or route to any channel to adjust the volume with the line fader and add EQ and FX.

Endless Source Options

Access massive music libraries from four USB inputs, one SD and an under-panel, 2.5-inch built-in SATA drive bay. Connecting to external media players, turntables, or audio sources is a breeze thanks to the 4 phono/line switchable RCA inputs. Use any one of these media sources or inputs to record your full DJ set.

Dedicated Zone Output

While commanding the main dancefloor, easily send a secondary mix or playlist to a separate lounge or cocktail area using the Independent Zone Output, upping your flexibility and value as a professional DJ.

Serato DJ and Virtual DJ

In Computer Mode, the PRIME 4+ will work as the ultimate DJ controller for Serato DJ, unlocking Serato DJ Pro when connected. Virtual DJ will also be supported (paid license required) so that you can choose from a variety of performance options for your next show.

Stream or Play Music from the Cloud

With built-in Wi-Fi and an Ethernet Link port for hardwired internet connections, the PRIME 4+ connects you with your favorite music streaming service or personal cloud storage without being tethered to a computer. Log in to your streaming account directly on the unit and access over 100-million tracks across all genres f

Wi-Fi Music Streaming
Stems Functionality + Integrated Sampler
10.1" Multi-Gesture Touch Display
6" Capacitive-Touch Jog Wheels
16 Performance Trigger Pads
Multi-FX, Sweep FX, and Filter FX
StagelinQ for Video and Lighting Control
Separate Assignable XLR Zone Output
Built-In 2.5" SATA Drive Bay for Storage

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