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The Marshall CODE range combines the Marshall legacy with state of the art technology, culminating in their most versatile and impressive digital product ever. The range offers a choice of digital amp models, power amps, cabinet simulations, FX, and more allowing you to dial in every tonal possibility you need. Various choices of glistening cleans, vintage crunches, and modern high gain options can be mixed and matched with classic Marshall 100-watt or British Class A power stage for example, and then run through a choice of various cabinet simulations. Add from a selection of 24 FX and you have all you need in one complete setup.

The 14 preamp sounds on offer vary from such classics as the JTM45, JCM800, DSL, JVM and even the iconic Silver Jubilee. The amp can be connected via USB or Bluetooth allowing remote control of all the amps features and functions via the Marshall Gateway software. This software includes an app for mobile devices with extra content such as access to the upcoming online community, tutorials, patch sharing and more.



•Model : 50c

•Range : Code

•Technology : Digital


•Presets : 100

•Wattage : 50w

•Inputs: 1

•Controls: Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain, Volume, Pre Fx, Amp, Mod, Del, Rev, Power, Cab

•Pre Amp Models : 14

•Power Amp Models : 4

•Speaker Cabinet Models : 8

•Fx : 24 (5 Simultaneously)

•Speakers Size: 1 X 12"


• Footswitch: Pedl-91009 Available Separately

• Cables : Power

Marshall Code 50 Digital Combo Amplifier
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Marshall Code 50 Digital Combo Amplifier

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