Cherub WST 550VM/DT-77 Digital Tuner for Violin and Mandolin

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WST-550VM Violin & Mandolin Mate clip-on tuner is specially designed for tuning Violin and Mandolin.

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  1. Vibration sensor allows accurate tuning in noisy environments.
  2. Auto-detect function indicates note name
  3. Easy to-read LEDs show you which way to tune.
  4. Auto-off feature increases battery life.
  5. 180°clip-on design

Tuning Range: A2(110Hz)~G5(783.99Hz)
Tuning Mode: Violin, Mandolin
Tuning Precision: ±1 Cent
A4 Range: 440Hz
Detection Method: Clip
Display Mode: LED Display
Tuning Method: Auto
Power Supply: 3V(CR2032)Lithium Battery
Dimensions: 54(W) X 17(D) X 60(H)Mm
Weight: 20g

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