Remo Encore Transparent Drum Head (EN-0308-PS)

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The Remo ENCORE Ambassador clear 8" is a transparent drumhead in medium strength for Tom Toms and Floor Toms. This single layer drumhead, consisting of a Mylar film, produces an open, bright and resonant sound with a lot of attack and is suitable for both batter and resonance use.

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Open sound character with strong attack
The Remo ENCORE Ambassador Clear drumheads are made from a 10 mil Mylar film. By using only one layer the heads get their open sound character, characterized by a strong attack and a long sustain. In addition, these heads can also be used as resonance heads. In contrast to the heads of the ENCORE Ambassador Coated series, they produce a more articulate sound with more assertiveness.

The Remo Encore heads are the price-performance star from Remo's head range. The heads are manufactured in the Taiwanese Remo factory according to the design of their American siblings. A difference is made when attaching the Mylar film to the aluminum ring:
Instead of connecting the two with liquid glue, the striking surface is pressed into the aluminum ring together with a steel core and thus firmly joined together.

Manufacturer: Remo
Material: Plastic
Finish: Smooth
Gauge: Single-ply
Size (Inches): 8

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