Gibraltar SC-4467 Snare Wire Strand

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Like their namesake, Gibraltar products are known for their solid reliability. They stand the test of time — and life on the road! So when you're looking for rock-solid hardware and dependable accessories for your drum kit, do what many other drummers do: put your faith in Gibraltar. This is a 20-wire set of 14 inch steel snare wires designed with the snap and sharp rattle needed to help your 14 inch snare cut through the mix.

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Inches - This designates the diameter drum the snare is designed to fit. It may not be the actual length of the snare wire assembly.

Strands - This is the amount of snare wires on each snare
Normal Fit - Most snares do not fit past the edge of the snare side drum head. (This includes all Gibraltar snares except SC-4467L and SC363E)

Extended Length - Some snare drums utilize snares, which fit over the edge of the side hoop. the SC-4467L will fit most drums with this feature.

Special Snares - The SC-363E fits Ludwig Super Sensitive snare drums with non-individually adjustable snare wire systems and a Yamaha model which utilizes split snares.

Note - Gibraltar snares are designed to fit many manufacturers' snare drums. They are made to fit snare drums ranging from 10 inch to 14 inch in diameter and are primarily used for Jazz, Rock, and concert performance applications, such as field marching corps or similar performance situations.

20 solid steel snare wires provide snap and rattle so your snare cuts through the mix
Fits most 14 inch snares perfectly for superior sound and performance
Backed by Gibraltar's rock-solid reputation for build quality and reliability

Size: 4 x 16.1 x 0.1 inches
Weight: 0.01 kg

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