Vic Firth Drum Key - VICKEY

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Vic Firth


Stylish, wearable tool of the trade.

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Vic Firth designed its VICKEY ("Vic" + "key") for two kinds of drummers: those who always need to have a drum key handy, and those who want to make a statement. The cast-metal VICKEY is equal parts tool of the trade and fashion accessory. The included lanyard with quick-release mechanism keeps this key close to your heart or hip at all times - great for percussion shop clerks, drum instructors, and touring drum techs. And the VICKEY's stylish Celtic cross design is an easy way to let others know you're with the band.

Cast metal drum key features Vic Firth logo embedded in key handle and detaches from neck strap for quick accessibility.
Not for use in high-tension marching applications.
Size: 13 x 6 x 3 inches
Weight: 0.0085 kg

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