Vic Firth 2BNVG American Classic Nylon Tip Drum Sticks with Vic Grip

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Vic Firth

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Vic Firth American Classic Hickory Drumsticks are a combination of traditional and Vic Firth style, showing off bold designs for a more pronounced sound. Hickory is a dense wood with little flex, making it great at dealing with shock and extremely durable. The drumsticks are made comfortable and slip resistant with Vic Grip, which is an anti-slip coating made from an eco-friendly, water based urethane.

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Vic Firth 2BNVG American Classic Vic Grip Drumsticks feature a nylon tear drop tip and Vic Firth's Vic Grip. Ideal for heavy rock, band and practice.

Vic Grip is a new anti-slip drumstick coating made from an eco-friendly, water based urethane. It provides a comfortable and slip resistant grip to the American Classic 5A, 5B, 7A, 2B and ROCK, in both wood and nylon tip. Specially formulated to be extremely durable and an ideal choice for players who prefer an enhanced grip on their drumsticks.

Tear drop tip for rich cymbal sounds
Light and fast for jazz orchestral and pit work
Nylon Tip
Vic Firth Grip technology

Dimensions: Length = 16 1/4", Diameter = .630"

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