Big Fat Snare Drum 14-inch Auto-Tone Snare Drum Topper

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Big Fat Snare Drum know the drill when it comes to head damping. BFSD tone shapers have a sound all their own. The rubberized outer gaskets add weight to snare heads, much like a wallet or brass weight, for a deeper tone and a snug fit. Even better, they look professional and won't mark up drumheads. Today you can spot Big Fat Snare Drums on Shawn Pelton's kit on Saturday Night Live and in recording studios across America.

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The fat, dry '70s snare sound is one of few constants in rock 'n' roll. Your favorite drummers had to resort to taping T-shirts and tea towels to their heads for those now-iconic tones. Today you can beef up any snare in seconds, professionally and cleanly, with the original Big Fat Snare Drum Auto-Tone. This rubber/plastic damper actually lowers the pitch of your snare about a whole tone, eliminating overtones in the process. The resulting snare sound is punchier, smoother, and much more cooperative with live mixes and studio productions.

Big Fat Snare Drum Auto-Tone 14" Snare Damper Features:

  • Re-creates that '70s snare drum sound: fat, dry, and smooth
  • Helps with close-miking onstage and in the studio
  • More effective than wallets and weights alone
  • Cleaner than tape and gel
  • Installs and removes in seconds
  • Rubber gasket lowers pitch for a heartier punch
  • Plastic film eliminates unwanted overtones
  • Thumb cutout for quick removal
  • Made in the USA

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