Audio-Technica ES954 Hanging Microphone Array

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Designed for use with the ATDM-0604 Digital SmartMixer and other compatible mixers, the ES954 provides 360-degree coverage through virtual hypercardioid or cardioid outputs, which can be steered horizontally and tilted vertically.

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The ES954 Hanging Microphone Array, an ideal, cost-effective solution for huddle rooms, conference rooms and other meeting spaces. When controlled by the Audio-Technica ATDM-0604 Digital SMARTMIXER, the four-capsule microphone array provides 360-degree coverage through virtual hyper cardioid or cardioid outputs which can be steered horizontally and tilted vertically.

Intended primarily for videoconferencing applications, the ES954 may be used singly or in multiples to capture every person speaking in a room, with the total number of channels restricted only by the capacity of the mixer or DSP device controlling the system. When using the ATDM-0604 Digital SMARTMIXER the intuitive graphic interface enables control of the width and orientation of each virtual polar pattern, which may be steered in 30-degree increments, with a tilt function accommodating differing ceiling heights or users that are sitting/standing.

Quad-capsule steerable microphone array
When controlled by the ATDM-0604, provides 360° coverage
Can be steered in 30° increments
Mixer-controlled tilt function
Logic-controlled 360-degree red/green LED ring
UniGuard RFI-shielding technology

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